Whethor camera is connected or not.

public boolean isConnected()

Whether preview function is started or not .

public boolean isStart()

Whethor camera is opened or not.

public boolean isOpen()

Whether the version of phone device’s USB interface is UBS 3.0 or not.

public boolean getIsUSB3()

Whether IMU is supported or not.

public boolean isIMUSupported()

Get device’s serial number .

public String getSerialNumber()

Get device’s name.

public String getName()

Get device’s type.

public int getCameraType()

Set callback of camera’s connection

public void setCameraListener(ICameraListener callback)

Set callback of IMU info (device with IMU)

public void setImuCallback(IIMUCallback callback)

Set callback of image info

public void setFrameCallback(IFrameCallback callback)

Connect camera

public void connect()

Open camera.

public int open()

Close camera

public void close()

Start to preview(IMU / VIDEO / ALL)

public boolean start(Source source, Frame frame)

Release camera

public void destroy()

Set the depth of camera (8bit / 11bit)

public void setDepthType(short depthType)

Get the type of camera’s depth.

public short getDepthType()

Set preview resolution (480 / 720).

public void setPreviewSize(int height)

Get width of preview resolution .

public int getPreviewWidth()

Get height of preview resolution.

public int getPreviewHeight()

Get Surface for preview

public void setPreviewDisplay(Surface surface, Frame frame)


public double getUVCFPS(Frame frame)

Get preview FPS

public double getPreviewFPS(Frame frame)

Get internal parameters of the camera

public RectifyLogData getRectifyLogData()

Whether IR is supported or not .

public boolean isIRSupported()

Set value of IR

public int setIRCurrentValue(int value)

Set the color mode of preview .

public void setColorMode(ColorFrame colorFrame)

Get current color data of camera.

public FrameData getColorFrameData()

Get current depth data of camera.

public FrameData getDepthFrameData()

Get current IR value.

public int getIRCurrentValue()

Get min value which IR support.

public int getIRMinValue()

Get max value which IR support.

public int getIRMaxValue()

Convert the subscript corresponding to pixel points into distance information (unit mm)

public int getDistanceValue(int index)

Whether AE is enable or not.

public boolean getAEStatusEnabled()

Enable AE function.

public void setEnableAE()

Disable AE function.

public void setDisableAE()

Whether AWB is enable or not.

public boolean getAWBStatusEnabled()

Enable AWB function.

public void setEnableAWB()

Disable AWB function.

public void setDisableAWB()

Enable or disable to display frame fps.

public void setEnableFrameFPS(boolean enable, int camera_switch)

Sava point cloud data within the distance.

public void savePointCloud(final FrameData colorFrameData,
                           final FrameData depthFrameData,
                           final String filePath,
                           Boolean hasColor,
                           int distance)