How to use SDK with Qt Creator

This tutorial will create a Qt project with Qt Creator to start using SDK.

You could find the project demo in <sdk>/platforms/projects/qtcreator directory.


  • Windows: install the win pack of SDK

  • Linux: build from source and make install

Create Project

Open Qt Creator, then New Project,


Choose Qt Widgets Application,


Set project location and its name,


Select the build kits,


Then, it will generate the skeleton source files,

../_images/new_project5.png ../_images/new_project6.png

Finally, you will see the new project like this,


Config Project

Edit to add INCLUDEPATH and LIBS.

win32 {
    isEmpty(SDK_ROOT) {
        error( "MYNTEYED_SDK_ROOT not found, please install SDK firstly" )
    message("SDK_ROOT: $$SDK_ROOT")

    INCLUDEPATH += "$$SDK_ROOT/include"
    LIBS += "$$SDK_ROOT/lib/mynteye_depth.lib"

unix {
    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/local/include
    LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib -lmynteye_depth

Start using SDK

Include the headers of SDK and start using its APIs, could see the project demo.


Should select “Release” to run the project.


Then you will see the main window,



Run the project and you will see the main window,