Record Data Sets

The SDK provides the tool record for recording data sets. Tool details can be seen in tools/ .

Reference run command on Linux:


Reference run command on Windows:


Reference run results on Linux:

$ ./tools/_output/bin/dataset/record
Saved 1007 imgs, 20040 imus to ./dataset
I0513 21:29:38.608772 11487] Time beg: 2018-05-13 21:28:58.255395, end: 2018-05-13 21:29:38.578696, cost: 40323.3ms
I0513 21:29:38.608853 11487] Img count: 1007, fps: 24.9732
I0513 21:29:38.608873 11487] Imu count: 20040, hz: 496.983

Results save into <workdir>/dataset by default. You can also add parameter, select other directory to save.

Record contents:

   │  ├─stream.txt  # Image infomation
   │  └─...
   │  ├─stream.txt  # Image information
   │  └─...
   └─motion.txt  # IMU information


When recording data, has annotated display image inside cv::imwrite() . Because these operations are time-consuming, they can cause images to be discarded. In other words, consumption can’t keep up with production, so some images are discarded. GetStreamDatas() used in only caches the latest 4 images.