User filter to filter deep data

Filter type is inherited from BaseFilter .

Method port protocol is as follows:

virtual bool ProcessFrame(
      std::shared_ptr<Image> out,
      const std::shared_ptr<Image> in) = 0; // NOLINT
virtual bool LoadConfig(void* data);

inline bool TurnOn();
inline bool TurnOff();
inline bool IsEnable();

int main(int argc, char const* argv[]) {

SpatialFilter spat_filter;
TemporalFilter temp_filter;

for (;;) {
  // get frame
  spat_filter.ProcessFrame(image_depth.img, image_depth.img);
  temp_filter.ProcessFrame(image_depth.img, image_depth.img);


When using, instantiate a Filter ,then use it directly in the image processing loop ProcessFrame . The image will adapt to the image infoemation in real time. You can also use the TurnOn/TurnOff switch in real time.