Get Point Image

Point images belongs to upper layer of synthetic data.You can get it through GetStreamData().It should be check not empty before use. Otherwise, when running pionts,you can use “space” to save .ply files. Then sample view_points can be used to view .ply files.

Sample code snippet:

auto image_color = cam.GetStreamData(ImageType::IMAGE_LEFT_COLOR);
auto image_depth = cam.GetStreamData(ImageType::IMAGE_DEPTH);
if (image_color.img && image_depth.img) {
    cv::Mat color = image_color.img->To(ImageFormat::COLOR_BGR)
    painter.DrawSize(color, CVPainter::TOP_LEFT);
    painter.DrawStreamData(color, image_color, CVPainter::TOP_RIGHT);
    painter.DrawInformation(color, util::to_string(counter.fps()),

    cv::Mat depth = image_depth.img->To(ImageFormat::DEPTH_RAW)

    cv::imshow("color", color);

    viewer.Update(color, depth);

PCL is used to display point images above. Program will close when point image window is closed.

Complete code examples, see