Get Depth Image

Depth images belongs to the upper layer of synthetic data.

You can change depth_mode to change the display of the depth image.

// Depth mode: colorful(default), gray, raw
params.depth_mode = DepthMode::DEPTH_RAW;

Then you can get it through GetStreamData().In addition, it should be check not be empty before use.

Reference code snippet:

auto image_depth = cam.GetStreamData(ImageType::IMAGE_DEPTH);
if (image_depth.img) {
  cv::Mat depth = image_depth.img->To(ImageFormat::DEPTH_RAW)->ToMat();

  cv::setMouseCallback("depth", OnDepthMouseCallback, &depth_region);
  // Note: DrawRect will change some depth values to show the rect.
  cv::imshow("depth", depth);

  depth_region.ShowElems<ushort>(depth, [](const ushort& elem) {
    return std::to_string(elem);
  }, 80, depth_info);

The above code uses OpenCV to display the image. When the display window is selected, pressing ESC/Q will end the program.


get_depth sample only support DEPTH_RAW mode.You can modify depth_mode parameter of other samples to get depth images 。

Complete code examples, see