Get Different Types Of Image By Options

get_all_with_options sample can add different options to control device.

get_all_with_options -h:

Open device with different options.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m, --imu             Enable imu datas

  Open Params:
    The open params

    -i INDEX, --index=INDEX
                        Device index
    -f RATE, --rate=RATE
                        Framerate, range [0,60], [30](STREAM_2560x720),
                        default: 10
    --dev-mode=MODE       Device mode, default 2 (DEVICE_ALL)
                          0: DEVICE_COLOR, left y right - depth n
                          1: DEVICE_DEPTH, left n right n depth y
                          2: DEVICE_ALL,   left y right - depth y
                          Note: y: available, n: unavailable, -: depends on
                        stream mode
    --cm=MODE           Color mode, default 0 (COLOR_RAW)
                          0: COLOR_RAW, color raw
                          1: COLOR_RECTIFIED, color rectified
    --dm=MODE           Depth mode, default 2 (DEPTH_COLORFUL)
                          0: DEPTH_RAW
                          1: DEPTH_GRAY
                          2: DEPTH_COLORFUL
    --sm=MODE           Stream mode of color & depth,
                        default 2 (STREAM_1280x720)
                          0: STREAM_640x480, 480p, vga, left
                          1: STREAM_1280x480, 480p, vga, left+right
                          2: STREAM_1280x720, 720p, hd, left
                          3: STREAM_2560x720, 720p, hd, left+right
    --csf=MODE          Stream format of color,
                        default 1 (STREAM_YUYV)
                          0: STREAM_MJPG
                          1: STREAM_YUYV
    --dsf=MODE          Stream format of depth,
                        default 1 (STREAM_YUYV)
                          1: STREAM_YUYV
    --ae                Enable auto-exposure
    --awb               Enable auto-white balance
    --ir=VALUE          IR intensity, range [0,6], default 0
    --ir-depth          Enable ir-depth-only

  Feature Toggles:
    The feature toggles

    --proc=MODE         Enable process mode, e.g. imu assembly, temp_drift
                          0: PROC_NONE
                          1: PROC_IMU_ASSEMBLY
                          2: PROC_IMU_TEMP_DRIFT
                          3: PROC_IMU_ALL
    --img-info          Enable image info, and sync with image

e.g. ./samples/_output/bin/get_all_with_options -f 60 --dev-mode=0 --sm=2 displays 1280x720 60fps left unrectified image.

Complete code samples,see .